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Roadside Assistance

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When you're out driving, you can't predict everything that might happen when you're on the road. There are a ton of different unknowns that are possible. This is why preparing for a range of scenarios and things that might occur is so important. Keeping a roadside assistance kit in your Subaru at all times will help give you peace of mind in case something unexpected happens to you when you're on the road. It could be something minor like getting a nail in your tire and having to use a tire repair kit to get you to the nearest repair shop without having to be towed. You might get in a collision and find yourself in need of hazard cones and road flares to mark the scene. It's always important to keep things like jumper cables in the kit in case your car battery dies. Having a first aid kit in your car is also another thing that can come in handy in a ton of different scenarios. These are just a few examples of what you might keep with you. You can purchase a complete roadside assistance kit here on our site or buy the items to make your own. Shop below at Subaru Parts Mall.

Roadside Emergency Kit
Part Number: SOA868V9511
Replaces: SOA868V9510
Description: New! The roadside emergency kit contains a range of essential items to assist in an automotive emergency, including jumper cables, a... More Info
Notes: 4-Door. More Notes
MSRP $64.50
MSRP $64.50

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